Yume REDition by Felix Blaque

Thanks Felix !

赤ーエディション (Exclusive Edition)

Yume Red 赤ーエディション  (Exclusive Edition)
I receive some messages about this RED Edition these last days, actually i'm really late on it.
Just note this Edition will be not available as usual, will be only available on a special website :)
Hope to finish them soon.

Sorry Mr X

Stay tuned.


YUME tests Shots - 10" vers.

In these days, I'm working on Yume 10'' versions.
First design is same as 5" color edition and second one is Shamisen version.

Trying some shots but actually these 10" are very heavy!
Hope to produce few pcs.

Yume figure - Pink edition / ピンクーエディション 1/1

Yume figure - Pink edition / ピンクーエディション 1/1

Made for one of my friend in HK who got many troubles in these days
100% of order will be given to her. Hope it can help!

Available @t Yume's Shop.

ピンクーエディション 1/1


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